Fireworks and Fun at the Finale for OIMF7

The 7th Okinawa International Movie Festival concluded five days of festivities on Sunday night with a ceremony and concert on the beach in Ginowan, central Okinawa.

The show including a vast array of stars from local traditional musicians to giants of Japanese comedy, culminating in a pulsating version of the festival theme song in which all joined on stage. Fireworks then exploded overhead to the delight of the thousands who gathered, marking the close of an incredibly successful seventh edition.


Local comedians Garage Sale emceed the “All Ending” event which began with a performance of min’yo folm music, featuring Eisa dancing, the sound of the stringed sanshin lute, large taiko drums and small Paranku hand-held drums. The performers all dressed in colorful traditional costumes for an audio and visual spectacle.


Okinawan pop group Kariyushi58 took to the stage next to perform their blend of traditional and modern music, even incorporating elements of jazz in their show. The crowd all waved in unison and the buzz in the crowd grew as further performers to the stage and combined in various numbers.


Mexican-born Japanese musician IVAN joined in the stage party, followed Hiroko Shimabukuro, formerly of massively successful J-Pop group SPEED. The concert continued with more guests, including the Gushiken Family, Hiroki of rock-rap unit Orange Range, Jimama, Suzu and Itokin.