Announcement of the result of the 7th Okinawa International Movie Festival

The 7th Okinawa International Movie Festival

All Island Okinawa Festival


Dates                   3/25 (WED) 29 (SUN)


Venues          Okinawa Convention Center, Ginowan, Sakarazuka Theater, Naha, Chatan Town, Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu, Yoshimoto Omoro Haunted House, Cinema Q, Cinema Palatte, Koza Music Town, Koza Gate Street, Mihama 7-Plex and others


Organizer                Okinawa International Movie Festival Executive Committee


Management           Yoshimoto Laugh & Peace Co.,Ltd

Red Carpet Events



Thanks to the support of the Koza Support Group, the festival hosted the red carpet event in Koza for the first time this year and 20,000 visitors enjoyed the event. The length of the carpet was 180 meters and 383 guests in 48 groups walked the carpet.



The red-carpet event was held at the Tropical Beach on the opening day. Various support groups joined the event for 67 meters carpet with 580 guests in 73 groups and 35,000 visitors.



Continuing from the year before, the red carpet event on Kokusai-Dori in Naha City was held on March 29. 271 guests in 39 groups walked the 170 meter carpet and over 60,000 spectators enjoyed the event.


To Discover and Develop Okinawa as the Entertainment Hub,

Big Meeting in Okinawa Launched!


For the first time this year, the festival hosted business seminar event for industry professionals in the world as well as Okinawa. We sincerely hope that the festival will provide opportunities to grow and expand as business hub in the entertainment world. Moreover, as a part of activities of MCIP Holdings, a joint venture company to develop and export contents in Asian market, we send out 9 groups and 13 comedians to Asia so that they can live and breath different cultures.



Seminar--Panel discussion


Front line of “Okinawa” x “Entertainment”

Moderator: Graduate School of Media Design Keio University Professor, Ichiya Nakamura

Panelists: Ryubo Holdings CEO, Goichi Itokazu / Okinawa Institute for Public Policy President, Shigenobu Asato / Warner Entertainment Japan Adviser, William Ireton / GYAO Director, General Manager of Contents Business, Yusuke Dan / Twitter JAPAN Media Department Entertainment and Sports Team Manager, Kazuhiro Misawa / Harvard Medical School Visiting Professor, Ph.D., M.D.,  Hideyuki Negoro



Panel Meeting “Cool Japan and Entertainment”

Moderator: Kazutaka Shimura

Panelists: Cool Japan Fund Managing Director, Yasushi Hashimoto / Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom General Manager, Takahiro Otawara / Twitter JAPAN Media Department Entertainment and Sports Team Manager, Kazuhiro Misawa / Yoshimoto Creative Agency Vice-President, Yoshito Toda / Yoshimoto Kogyo International Business Development Office GM, Yoshimoto Entertainment Taipei President, Ryutaro Ko / Yoshimoto Kogyo International Business Development Office Thailand Representative, Yoshimoto Entertainment Thailand Director, Wim Manopimok



Appearance of I’ll live there (Sumimasu) Asia Comedians

Appearance of total 9 unit 13 people Sumimasu Asia Comedians

Taiwan: Manzai Bonbon

Thailand: Appare-Koizumi, Ben Yamagata, Kiyoshi Bonchi

Indonesia: The Three, Sokorahen-Genki, Akira-Continental-Fever

Vietnam: Double Wish

Malaysia: ST Kinjo





- The World of Slava’s Snow Show by Slava Polunin


- Hinton Battle presents Dance Showcase, DANZZZE DREAMS