Okinawa Omoro Haunted House

The Charm of Okinawa Omoro Haunted House!

Experience "fear, surprise, tension, laughter and touch". A haunted house with a concept unlike any other in the world.
World’s first attempt. The full cast are all comedians!
Great fun for locals, tourists and foreign visitors!


For many years, the mischievous ghosts named "Majimun" have lived together with humans in the "Omoro Department Store". However, over the course of time, the humans forgot all about the existence of the Majimun. Angry about this, the Majimun took 8 Ishigantos which should have been on the Kokusai Dori and hid them somewhere in the department store.
As the mischief further escalated, the department store was finally taken over. Mr. Kimura, the President of "Omoro Department Store", has been possessed by the Majimun after long managing to escape their hands.
Thus visitors must confront the mischievous Majimun in a variety of scenes, and follow the story of attempting to revive the "Omoro Department Store" by finding the hidden Ishigantos.
Thu. 12 March, 2015
11:00 AM – 9:55 PM (last admission) every day
“HAPINAHA” 3-6F 2-2-30 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa (on the former site of Okinawa Mitsukoshi on Kokusai Street, Naha City)
1,056 persons per day
Entry Fee
Adults 1,500 yen
Elementary School Students 1,000 yen
*Under school age children are prohibited