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FIVE STAR TOURIST THE MOVIE - We bring you to the Ultimate

©2015“Five Star Tourist: The Movie” Production Committee


"Five Star Tourist" is currently airing as an original YTV's Thursday night drama. A new human comedy drama set in Kyoto around the theme of "travel", where well-known master of travel Kyoka Takase and team of misfit travel company employees try to resolve the unreasonable demands of their customers. The tour company "Sunset Tours", where Kyoka and her team work, is visited by a man named Hans from an overseas documentary production company, and he decides to cover Kyoka's team. As this is happening, one of the customers is Chihiro, a "witch" and also a major Shinsengumi history buff, and the team guide her and her boyfriend Jiro around Kyoto. The two appear at first glance to be in deep love, but there is a problem... This movie within the setting of a documentary produced by Hans is a new style mockumentary.


① Movie version of "Five Star Tourist", YTV's Thursday "Platinight" drama ②See what happens after the last episode of the TV Drama, filmed with a documentary style! ③In addition to the regular Cast from the TV Drama, popular young actors Kodai Asaka, Fujiko Kojima and Rui Kurihara star will also appear!


Naomi Watanabe, Yusuke Yamamoto, Sara Takatsuki, Toshiki Ayata, Susumu Terajima, Hidetoshi Hoshida, Narimi Arimori, George Murakami, Fujiko Kojima, Kodai Asaka, Rui Kurihara

Director & Work Data

Toshiki Shimazaki
2015 “Five Star Tourist: The Movie” Production Committee

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