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Smiles in the Mirror

©2015「Smiles in the Mirror」Production Committee


This is a heart-warming film which focuses on the beauticians that provide "beauty" to people, and, as a profession striving to improve skills, they also make it their job to impart "beauty" into people's hearts. Taking up the megaphone for this film is director Ichiro Kita, director of "Life on the Longboard" and "Share House". Starring as charismatic beautician Ryo Inoue, and the hero of the film, is Shunya Shiraishi, made popular by "Kamen Rider Wizard" and "Higanjima". The heroine, Mari Takahashi, is played by Natsuna, who has featured in hit after hit, including "GANTZ" and "Clover". The Cast also features veteran supporting actors such as Akiyoshi Nakao as Ryo's superior, Yuki Matsushita as the mother of the main character, and heartwarming performances by Mickey Curtis and Chieko Matsubara, who Ryo and Mari meet when they take their beauty to a home. This is the birth of the "Mind Styling Movie", which is sure to draw smiles from everyone that sees it.


①Starring Shunya Shiraishi, in his first non-action film
②Produced with the full support of the All Japan Beauty Shop Owner's Federation
③Takes up the new approach to beauty (home visits) rising out of a background of Japan's aging society


Shunya Shiraishi, Natsuna, Akiyoshi Nakao, Yuki Matsushima, Mickey Curtis, Chieko Matsubara

Director & Work Data

Ichiro Kita
2015「Smiles in the Mirror」Production Committee

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