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World Premire

Harajuku Denier

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Starring the double of actress Rina Takeda, who shocked the living rooms of Japan with her breaking tiles with her head in a Credit Saison commercial, and Harajuku boys group BEE SHUFFLE! This is the first time that BEE SHUFFLE appears and stars in a film, and they also sing the theme song. In addition, other unique Cast members include Hiroki Konno of King of Comedy, and a first time appearance in a film by model Saki Asamiya. Director Hideta Takahata has worked in a wide range of genres, including movie "Hotel Venus", TV variety "Chonan Gang" (Fuji Television), TV drama "Kuroi Junin no Kuroki Hitomi" (NHK BS Premium) and "Mielino Kashiwagi" (TV Tokyo) etc. A unique Harajuku movie mixing the stories of young people with a dream.


1. A unique Harajuku movie starring Rina Takeda and BEE SHUFFLE!
2. A film by Hideta Takahata, who has worked in a wide range of genres, including film, TV drama and music videos etc.
3. Also check out the side story, where BEE SHUFFLE and Rina Takeda have to take a dare if they are unable to get 30,000 people to the theater!


Rina Takeda, Minsu (BEE SHUFFLE), Joonho (BEE SHUFFLE), Jun (BEE SHUFFLE), Shuta (BEE SHUFFLE), Gyumin (BEE SHUFFLE), Hiroki Konno (King of Comedy), Saki Asamiya, Kaoru Hirata, Momo Shiina, Hiroshi Yamamoto

Director & Work Data

Hideta Takahata
2015 NBC Universal Entertainment.All Rights Reserved.