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Dream Flight

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Zhang, Jia-hao had always dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot. In the Air Force Academy, he met his best friends including his secret admirer, Qiao, Qian-hui. Yet it is Xie, Xin-yi, Qian-hui’s best friend, who catches his eyes during the Senior Graduation Dance. But Xin-yi keeps turning down Jia-hao’s pursuance, out of respect for Qian-hui. But Xin-yi was touched after discovering Jia-hao’s commitment to family.

As their love heats up, Jia-hao’s training becomes more and more difficult. Xin-yi’s sudden disappearance comes as massive shock to Jia-hao. Despite this, Jia-hao forges ahead, and thanks to the encouragement from his buddies and his father, Jia-hao passes the test. Qian-hui then tells Jia-hao the harsh truth: Xin-yi is becoming blind. As such, she has chosen not to be a burden on Jia-hao, and has decided to leave from his life. Without any hesitation, Jia-hao makes the commitment to take care of Xin-yi, and their journey into begins...


Dream Flight is an inspiring love story that transcends boundaries and touches your heart. A long expected feature about the army air force, the film has breathtaking special effects which are accomplished entirely by the talents in Taiwan.


Ruei-Jia,Ray,Chang, Wei-Ning,Ann,Hsu, Chung-Hua Tou, Jieh-Wen King, Yi-ti Yao, Hans Chung, Cheng-Chun Liang

Director & Work Data

Khan Lee
Encore Film Co., LTD.