Creator's Factory

The project “Creator’s Factory” aiming to discover promising talents who are to become leaders of the coming generation is another competition category, which was newly established at the festival 2013. No constraints whatsoever such as category, genre, or running time have been placed. Among those various staff who have been involved with the production of the entries, including directors, cameramen, actors, and musicians, the Creator’s Factory Best New Creator Award will be elected. Furthermore, the winner(s) of the Best Creator's Factory Award will be fully supported by Okinawa International Movie Festival for the production of next work. the project is also connected with the “Kyoto International Movie Festival”, which is planned to be inaugurated in fall this year under the concept of “everything including the movies, art, and others”. us, the project intends to discover and develop young promising talents throughout the year, in spring in Okinawa and in fall in Kyoto.

Last Year Creators’ Factory Grand Prix

2014 Result of Competition「Inabe」