Special Invitation

Films that have been selected for screening from amongst unreleased Japanese and foreign film epics and blockbusters, and unreleased works from Asian countries, which make the viewer smile without thinking, and leave them with a feeling of peace after they have watched.

Creator's Factory

Established for the first time with the 5th OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL, a Grand Prize is selected from staff involved in the production of entries, for the purpose of discovering people that will lead the next generation of film makers. The winner of the Grand Prize provides support the following year.

Local Origination Project Films

A project established with the support of Yoshimoto Kogyo, which gives everyone in Japan the opportunity to make their own movies, to embody the enthusiasm and local feelings about what makes their town happy, and what great things about their town they would like everybody else to know!


Joint productions between television stations and Yoshimoto Kogyo. Seeking to create a new category of film which isnbound by the frameworks of television stations and "movies".

Special Screening

Japanese Comedy, World Comedy,Sakurazaka Film University,Deru-Cine,Open-Air Screen