Red Carpet

The "Red Carpet" is one of the features of movie festivals.
This year, in addition to holding a red carpet event at the annual main venue in Ginowan, they will also be held on Kokusai Dori in Naha and Koza Gate Dori in Okinawa. Here is the history and thoughts that have gone into this.

Opening Red Carpet - Wed. Mar 25, Ginowan Venue

This is the Movie Festival’s opening nigh red carpet event held on Ginowan’s Tropical Beach. A grand cerebration is planned with film producers, actors and many other related guests invited from Japan and abroad. At the 6th Festival, a record 595 guests attended. The venue was encompassed with a truly beautiful atmosphere. This is one of the main events of the festival, and the cheers of fans ring out as they get the chance to get close to the stars.

Koza Gate Dori Red Carpet - Sat. Mar 28, Okinawa Venue

Born out of the suggestion of the Koza Support Squad, for the first time at this festival, the "Koza Gate Dori Red Carpet" event will be held for the people in Okinawa city. From Okinawa, the city of music and the Eisa dance, intensive preparations are underway to welcome guests to the red carpet as only Okinawa can, and to promote the city both within and outside of the prefecture.

Naha Kokusai Dori Red Carpet - Sat. Mar 28, Naha Venue

With the great enthusiasm of Naha city officials and the support of the Naha Support Squad and many people from the surrounding shopping area union, the "Naha Kokusai Dori red Carpet" event was held successfully at the 6th OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL. The red carpet was pulled for the first time over Kokusai Dori the face of Okinawa and testament of peace, also known as the "miracle mile", and the 55,000 people that attended the event, full of smiles, was a historic moment for this event. This year will see the second year of this Kokusai Dori Red Carpet, and wonderful guests are expected to attend.