Beach Stage Event

The OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL is a festival celebrating not only movies but also a variety of entertainment. During the festival, a wide array of contents (comedy, music, fashion, etc.) enjoyable to people of all ages will be available at venues including Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan and a special stage set up in front of Tenbusu Naha.

On the Beach Stage in Ginowan, many personalities will give various performances and movie screening on the beach can also be enjoyed in the evening, providing a diverse range of entertainment programs all day.
Also on the stage in front of Tenbusu Naha, a number of popular comedians will gather together to, along with Sakurazaka Theater and Yoshimoto Okinawa-Kagetsu, add colors to make the entire city of Naha “Laugh & Peace”.

Local Okinawan Participation-type Live

On-stage contents such as Eisa-dance performance go without saying, this year’s festival will again see another local Okinawan participation-type stage that amalgamates various entertainments of Okinawa.
Through the 7th OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL, we are aiming to make this program a means to introduce Okinawan entertainment to the world.

Comedy Live

The annual comic special on the Beach Stage will be awash with popular comedians, who are familiar on TV, and it is also planned to present a program with all the locally-popular comedians of the “Yoshimoto Okinawa Entertainment College” on stage.
Also on the stage in front of Tenbusu Naha, popular comedians performing at Yoshimoto Okinawa-Kagetsu at that moment will be expected to appear every day.

Music Live

On the idol stage, teamed up with the CS channel, Kawaiian TV, in addition to live performances from popular idols, auditioning programs such as the “chura-dol” audition will be held.
There will also be other events featuring a myriad of artists, including those who have connection with Okinawa such as Kariyushi58.
The festival is expected to be rounded off with a grand finale, as usual, by everyone singing “Egao no manma (Keep smiling)”.

“Chura-ii” GIRLS UP! Stage

Live programs will feature stage performances that combine everything that girls adore, including a fashion show of popular brands, live music performances, and comedy performances.
Don’t miss events featuring sensational and exciting performances, involving not only Japanese girls but also those from Asian countries.